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The term mission derives from the latin missĭo and concerning the action of sending. Among the many uses of the word provided by the Larousse dictionary online, we highlight the Faculty awarded to someone to perform a any task; the temporary/provisional commission that a Government grants to a diplomat or a special agent to a certain end; the Church or the place where the missionaries preached; and expenditure on something.
In the case of religion, many missionaries are called to institutions located in areas inhospitable to evangelize. One of the major missions of the story is one that has been implemented by the Jesuits in South America, in Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, the Brazil and Bolivia.
The Franciscans, in turn, carried out missions in Baja California and Baja California in the South (the Mexico States) then go to settle in the North.
Moreover, besides religion, one can speak of the entrepreneurial mission, which is what a company attaches. The entrepreneurial mission is the reason for its existence and details the orientation of its activities. Other words, it represents the raison d'etre of the undertaking and orients its planning.
The entrepreneurial mission must detail the fundamental activity of the undertaking, the concept of the generic product it offers and the concept of the types of target clients.
Finally, we will mention the space mission, which is the individual flight made by a shuttle in space.
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