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Mnemotechnics is the intellectual process that is to establish an association or link to remember or recall something. Mnemonic techniques reside in the alienability structures and content you want to remember with some physical locations ordered at its option.
These techniques may consist of a special term, expression, or one rime used to remember something in particular (a list, for example) making the process simpler. Thus, mnemotechnics doesn't only appeal repeatedly to recall, but it is also based on associations between sets of data to achieve the construction of 'sticky '.
In general, employed by mnemotechnics estates should have meaning, that is, they should be logical. It turns out that random mnemotechnics does not always work with memory.
There are some techniques that help to increase the level of memory, such as the creation of words with the initials of each word you want to remember, the constitution of visuals (or memory cards) and coding in numbers.
For the visuals, it is to create a list of terms in mind known in a certain order, associated with the ideas (images, for example) you want to learn by heart. In the case of coding in numbers, the method is to associate a sequence of words in a sequence of numbers where only the consonants of syllables are. With these consonants, the principle is to build words combining vowels in complete freedom.
An example of mnemotechnics:
To memorize the word 'Hourglass', it is common to associate it with the number 8 because it looks visually. For Figure 1, it is often the "candle" associated with it.

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