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Art, from the latin ars, is a concept which refers to human creations that reflect the sensitive real or imaginary world point of view. Literature, painting and the theatre are some of the disciplines of art, who, in prehistoric times, had a ritual and, over time, is function become aesthetic and a hobby.
Latin ('recent') modernus, the modern adjective said of what belongs or is related to recent times or at the time of anyone who speaks. Generally, what is modern is regarded as opposed to what is classic.
The notion of modern art, therefore, refers to the artistic production created since the end of the 19th century. As regards the idea of contemporary art, the term may be related to different historical periods.
For some experts, modern art is the opposite of the academic or traditional art. Modern art, in this sense, relates to the avant-garde and experimentation. Other specialists combine modern art contemporary, defending it started in the middle of the 18th century.
In general, we can say that modern art is a way to consider the aesthetics and function of art, where the main value is not the literal and accurate representation of nature. After the development of photography, which reflects reality accurately, modern artists have presented from new points of view on the nature.
Le stade historique qui suit l’art moderne est l’art postmoderne, qui, pour la plupart, est survenu dans les années 1970 en opposition à l’idée de modernité.

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