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Narcotic comes from a Greek word which means "numbing or torpor. A narcotic is a substance that gives sleep, which causes muscle relaxation and a blunting of sensitivity.
Examples: "we will increase the dose of narcotics of the patient of the 231 House', ' the player took so many drugs he ended up getting sick ', 'singer was found with drugs in his car.
Most of narcotics inhibits the transmission of nerve signals that are associated with pain. The psychoactive effects of these substances, such as anesthesia or analgesia, make them very common in medicine.
Beyond their legal use, narcotics are trafficked around the world for non-medicinal consumption. Narcotics are also consumed to generate the euphoria or distort the reality, as is the case of opium.
In this sense, the term is often used as a synonym of narcotic (or drug). There are instead of saying that a narcotic is a substance that has the ability to change the State of mind or physical person in a wide range.
Such substances can cause a State of sleepiness, change mood, paralyze the body or generate motor agitation, among other things.
Narcotics are pursued in the field of sport so that athletes are trying to take advantage in an unlawful manner, i.e., by cheating. An athlete who takes a narcotic to reduce anxiety disrupts his body (body) in order to have more chances to win, which is unfair to those who do rely on their body without additional assistance.
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