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Navigation, from the latin navigatĭo, it is action, the science and the art of sailing. This verb refers to travel by boat or take a trip by plane, but can also refer to moving across a computer network.
Examples: "after three hours of navigation, we arrived in Mauritius and we met a tropical paradise of unique beauty", "air navigation in this region is quite complicated because storms are frequent," "on this computer, browsing is too slow: I recommend to install more memory or changing the processor.
Maritime navigation is the process that begins with the departure of a vessel and ends with the arrival at the port of arrival. This trip requires some expertise to guide the ship and to cope with the weather conditions. This type of navigation can be done with sailing, motor boats, etc. If navigation in water takes place in inland waterways (such as a river or Lake), it comes inland.
Similarly, air navigation covers practices, techniques and procedures to operate an aircraft to its destination. As in marine navigation, the driver must have the skills necessary to ensure the integrity of the crew and passengers.
In computing, the navigation is virtual since it involves no physical movement. During navigation, the user moves a page web to another, which is a sort of path. Software that allows this process is the Navigator (GPS, for example).
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