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The concept of necessity comes from the word latin necessĭtas. Among the many uses of this term provided by the Larousse dictionary online, we are few.
For example, a necessity is an irresistible impulse so that acts are infallible in extent. It is also what it is impossible to happen, Miss or resist; the nature of the things we need to live with a minimum of quality; the lack (or deficiency) continued food that makes us fail; the deprivation of essential goods; and risk or danger where there is need of immediate assistance.
The word need is need. In the plural ("needs"), this means excrementielles substances that the body drains or urine.
It is worth mentioning that the CPC are inherent in the human condition. People are always in need of what they wish to meet.
Some researchers have tiered requirements. The American psychologist Abraham Maslow divided them into physiological needs (such as food, water, clothing and shelter); the necessities of security (protection, care), necessitated belonging, affection, love and friendship; the necessities of self-esteem, will enhance success and prestige; and the needs of personal achievements.
Moreover, the needs can be either essential or occasional. The first, in turn, are divided into necessities of quality (when the subject knows well generic and suitable for satisfying its need) and in quantity requirements (when the subject can infer how much property he needs to satisfy his need).
In the field of marketing, the need is associated with the desire to acquire a product or brand any. It is for this reason that marketing campaigns are the necessities are activated or awakened. In this sense, the marketing does not create the necessities (since they exist already). It is rather designed to detect and turn them into opportunities.

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