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An offer (a term that derives from the latin offerre) is a proposal that is made while committing to run or give something. In announcing an offer, the informed person its intention to REList an item or perform an action, usually in Exchange for something, or at least to convince the other to accept such offers. For example: "my boss made me an offer that I couldn't refuse: double the salary only if I agree to manage the regional sector", "the investor group's offer was $ 25 million for 50% of the player's past."
On the other hand, an offer is a product that is offered for sale at a price. A product that usually costs 50 euros can be sold at half price during a special offer: 'I'll take advantage of the Privilege of this hotel to spend a good relaxed weekend', "organizes my neighborhood supermarket special offers, every fifteen days, which are really worth the trouble." ' not to miss our weekly offerings, subscriber - you to our newsletter!
For the economy, the offer shall designate all goods and services entering the market at a given time and at a specific price. In other words, offer is the amount of goods and services made available for consumption.
According to the theory of the offer, the offer is all the greater as the service or product is expensive (producers take advantage of reasons to introduce their goods in the market).
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