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An office may be either the furniture including a table and some storage compartments for intellectual work, the room reserved for this purpose that can also be used at the reception of the customers (in ATM) in the case of a company or the workplace where administrative business services are centralized.
Some offices are occupied by a single worker (in general, a CEO or the owner of the company). Others are shared by several employees; a place of great dimensions, each has its own space. By against, if the office is rather small, the trend is to distribute workers sharing between them of large tables.
Each of the organizations of the office space has advantages and disadvantages. When each employee has their own space, convenience is improved (and, therefore, motivation and productivity) and the chatter between comrades is reduced, thus avoiding wasting time. On the other hand, where the worker is isolated, it has a tendency to get distracted easily and so to do something else (browsing the Net, for example) rather than focus on the tasks that belong to him.
In offices where there is less space and distance between the staff, the atmosphere is rather noisy and their concentration is engaged. However, managers can more easily control workers and without the need to move.
Some buildings (or buildings) have offices and not apartments. This kind of buildings is quite usual in malls and administrative cities.
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