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An employee is a person who works for public services or social utility. In other words, officials provide assistance to others without so far acting by interest (the salary they receive for their work is their only source of income).
Officials working in the public service, that is to say, for the State. It is public institutions (such as hospitals, schools and security forces) to send the public service to the entire community.
An employee manages resources which are in the State and therefore belong to the company. Embezzlement and corruption are serious offences which, therefore where they are committed by a public servant, undermine national wealth.
Stir public funds gives a special responsibility in the work of public servants. Their behaviour is to be exemplary, because the company expects their honesty, loyalty and transparency.
The role of the official subject of several rules and standards. As such, the Constitution imposes the obligations of the employee.
Relating to public servants, they enjoy certain privileges that those working in the private sector are not as well as greater social protection, which allows them to be independent of the changing authorities. It is also a way of avoiding to blurt the best professionals in the private sector. This scheme prevents the future authorities to dismiss workers and hire others (or even people in their entourage / knowledge). Moreover, officials have the opportunity to develop professional careers that would be more difficult in private enterprises.
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