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The oligarchy's political science, reduced mode of Government under which power is exercised by a group of persons belonging to the same social class. By extension, the term is used to refer to all entrepreneurs and wealthy subjects who act together to defend their interests.
The concept was born in ancient Greece to refer to the degeneration of the aristocracy. At the moment the aristocratic system began to be perpetuated by the blood descent and that the direction of the State ceased to be the hands of brilliant minds began to hear about oligarchy.
At the present time, means oligarchs millionaires, the landowners and the owners of properties. Oligarchy, in this sense, is a species of social status that has political constraints (for example, using economic to achieve pressure to better profits and benefits) and cultural (the way of dressing, tastes in common, etc.).
The oligarchy does not conceive the social mobility. The new rich are unable to go in circles oligarchs, who defend a similar to noble lineage. On the other hand, when an oligarch has economic problems, it seeks to support his lifestyle at any cost, at least, his appearances.
The oligarch is stereotyped as a subject without ethical or moral, capable of appealing to the corruption and violence in order to maintain its power, that he considered an acquired right. Left-wing political parties have the oligarchy for main enemy.
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