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Opportunity, from the latin opportunĭtas, is conjecture and the convenience of time and space. Opportunity refers to the time or the opportunity to make or grasp something. For example: someone wants to buy a car. While it looks for a vehicle that meets its needs, told one of his neighbors has to sell his car in emergency. It is therefore an opportunity for the buyer.
Opportunities appear at certain times of life and must be seized in order to avoid any later regret. Often, some people regret having missed an opportunity for many reasons. It is therefore important to be attentive to the opportunities that arise in any domain and to analyze them to determine what is the most suitable option.
It is appropriate to mention the job opportunities or professional to refer to the chances that someone has to improve its work situation. An opportunity to work may be the possibility of a promotion, a hiring offer or proposal to start a new business or project.
Opportunities section is the area of a store where a lower than usual price items are sold.
Finally, the opportunity cost is the cost of the investment of available resources in an economic opportunity, putting aside the other alternative investments available. In other words, the opportunity cost is related to which waives an economic agent when making a decision.
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