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A flowchart is a diagram of the Organization of a company, entity or activity. This term is also used to refer to the graphical representation of operations that take place within an industrial or computer process.
An organizational chart to analyze the structure of the represented organization and is designed to inform, to the extent that it brings information/data on the General characteristics of the organization.
Organization charts can include the names of the people who run every department or division of the entity, to explicit hierarchical relationships and skills into effect.
Thus, flowcharts are intended to represent in the form of a chart or outline levels of hierarchy and the relationship between each of them. The purpose is not to describe in detail but rather to provide information so that it is easy to understand and simple to use.
One may mention three types of organizational structure. General Organization charts are those who bring a vision of the Organization, because they only present the most important information. Analytical charts, in contrast, show more detailed data and are more specific. Then, additional charts are a complement to analytical charts.
It is important to mention that any organization chart cannot be neither fixed nor unchanging. In other words, a chart is a kind of portrait of the structure of an organization at any given time. Over time, the entire structure and existing relationships evolve. These changes must be filled with updates update of the organization chart or, even, with the design and development of a completely new chart, leaving the previous ineffective.
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