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According to the Larousse dictionary online, a paraphilia is first and foremost considered deviant sexual obsession. It is a behavior where the source of pleasure has nothing to do with copulation but rather a different kind of activity. It is somehow a fantasy out of the ordinary.
Paraphilias are considered to be harmless unless they are addressed to an object potentially dangerous or harmful to any person as part of the sexual act (as in the case of pedophilia). It is worth mentioning that the parameter to consider if a sexual conduct tends to the paraphilia has changed throughout history and depending on the region. However, certain practices such as masturbation and oral sex were considered paraphilias up to half of the 20th century. Nowadays, these practices are no longer at all part of such deviations (unless the sexual activity of the person is limited to these).
Experts have never managed to find organic or psychological impairment that can explain the origin of a paraphilia. With regard to its treatment, there are behavioral and psychoanalytic, techniques although in a way generally, they are inefficient.
Among the most common paraphilias, we will retain the altocalciphilie (attraction to high-heeled shoes and even heel needle), the asphyxiolophilie (strangulation or erotic asphyxiation), zoophilia or bestiality (sexual acts with animals), coprolalia (sexual stimulation through the use of vulgar words), fetishism (desire to make use of certain objects or specific parts of the body during sexual intercourse) , masochism (pleasure related to humiliation or physical suffering of oneself), pedophilia (attraction to minors, children and/or adolescents), podophilie (particular excitement for the feet) and sadism (erotic pleasure in challenging of pain, punishment or humiliating his partner).
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