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From the latin patientĭa, patience refers to the ability of a person to support or tolerate something or someone without getting upset. However, a subject that has patience is someone who has no tendency to deteriorate.
A sentence of the kind "Jean has exhausted my patience and I ended up giving punched" refers to an individual who, tired of what Jean did or said, is pissed. Thus Jean succeeded to this that person loses his patience and kind of its state of tranquility.
Patience also concerns the Faculty know wait for something ("I had a lot of patience, I decided to stay in society and, finally, my boss promoted me"), the ability to make careful things ("with patience, I managed to complete the puzzle of 2,000 pieces") or the perseverance required to carry out a mission ("the secret to decorate a pie is to take each step with patience").
Patience is associated with calm or peace. Patient people are those who know how to wait and who arrive to take things in a peaceful way. The opposite is an impatient individual, who is anxious, which always wants everything immediately.
In addition, the Larousse dictionary includes other quite different meanings from those mentioned so far. The term patience stands for mercy (kind of console Church used to rely and look to be standing) in the language of furniture.
On the other hand, patience is the name of a card game in which a solitary player strives to use all cards based on a specific combination. Finally, this term may designate a hanging rail on which we place curtains that can slide on rings, open and close.
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