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The prospect is the art dedicated to the representation of three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface (flat) with the aim of recreating the relative position and depth of these objects. The purpose of the perspective is therefore reproduce the shape and the way how the objects are arranged from the human eye, that is, as they occur in an observer.
Means perspective as well this technique than the book or representation that runs through this art. For example: "On this table, we see the prospect of a mountain from its base", "my drawing teacher congratulated me for the work, but it asked me to pay more attention to the perspective.
A usual way to calculate proportions and to achieve a perspective is to use a pencil as a rule. The methodology is as follows: we choose the object that you want to use as the parameter for the drawing, then with the extended arm, we take the pencil with the tip upwards and one aligns the point with the top of the object while the finger marks the lower part. This technique helps to calculate the proportions of several objects to transfer them to the paper.
By analogy to these concepts, perspective means perspective or aspect under which considering something. It is also what is in the forecast, that the person has in project, what presents itself to her as likely: "the prospect of a brilliant career came to Helena", "Antoine has a beautiful apartment with seaview in perspective."
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