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The word perversion derives from the latin perversio and refers, according to the Treasury of the French language computerized, action and the consequences or results of pervert. This verb, in turn, refers to alter the taste or deemed normal, or healthy habits since deviations and strange lines.
The term is also used to refer to any alteration of the natural condition or the usual order of things. For example: "I can not allow such perversion in my family", "science has committed a perversion by creating in animal laboratories to then be sentenced to a horrible death", "the victim was hit hard, thus revealing the perversion of the kidnapper".
In another sense, the perversion is an anomaly of the behavior that caused the deviation of a natural psychological tendency. Although often the concept is automatically attached to sexuality, psychology is, in these cases, paraphilias.
The term is formed by two Greek words: para ("margin of") and filia ("love"). That said, the paraphilia is a type of conduct of sexual indole where the person does not enjoy the intimate relationship but takes rather fun through another related action.
Specialists noted that paraphilias are harmless, except when they harm or if they cause a risk to any person who is involved in the sexual act.
Most of the time, the paraphilia depends on the social conventions of the time and region. Homosexuality was considered a paraphilia in his time but, over time, it became a simple individual choice of sexual behaviour. It is noted that it was never possible to prove the existence of an organic or psychological impairment that explains the origin of a paraphilia.
Among paraphilias, it is worth mentioning the zoophilia or bestiality, coprophilia, fisting, necrophilia and pedophilia.
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