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A phone is a device that allows to transmit sounds remotely through electric signals. It was invented in 1871 by Antonio Meucci, although the first to have patented it was Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.
There are worth mentioning fixed telephony or simply the (analog) phone, either the non-portable device which is intertwined with another phone or a plant with metallic conductors. On the other hand, there is the mobile phone which is a wireless electronic equipment that has access to a telephone network through radio waves.
In general, a phone consists of two circuits: a conversation circuit which is responsible for the voice and a marking circuit, involving the seizure of numbers and calls.
Both signals that leave the phone to Central provided to those who are central to the phone by a single line of just two sons. To sort and separate the two signals is the hybrid coil or the hybrid transformer, which functions as a power Coupler.
Nowadays, there are telephony through Internet systems, known as voice over IP or VoIP (following the initials in English). These systems do not use conventional phones, but rather a set of resources that enable the acoustic signal through the Web. The user must have a microphone and speakers on your computer.
Finally, we will retain the Grapevine is a game dedicated to children, that mimics the operation of a faulty telephone line due to misrepresent the message transmitted from mouth to ear.
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