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Potential is a term that takes several uses. As an adjective, it means that exists virtually in power or having a large projection. For example: "Leonard has great potential, but need to continue of is cause to be able to play in the first division", "the Brazilian team has a strong potential despite the significant competition among the players", "the satisfaction of our customers, actual and potential, is the priority of our company."
The potential is also power, strength or simply the resources which a person, a community or a country has: "the economic potential of the province is low because of its geographical location and climatic conditions", "China has military potential hard to put on an equal footing with any other country", "I wish that the country uses its industrial potential to generate wealth.
For physics, the potential is a quantity (scalar or vector) that is used to describe the variation or the likely evolution of another magnitude. On the other hand, means potential digital (or mathematical) function to determine the intensity of a field of forces on a given point.
In electricity, the potential difference is the value of the voltage between two points on the same circuit. The electric potential is measured in watts.
In the field of Linguistics, the potential is a verbal form which, in hypothetical sentences (i.e., those where the action of the verb is indicated as possible) expresses action which would be carried out in the future if the condition was made: "If you helped me in my studies, I would have better scores," "you'd go on vacation if I replaced you? ''
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