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The word praxis originates from a Greek term and for the practice. It is a concept which is used to oppose that theory. This term is generally used to refer to any process by which a theory is now part of the experience.
The praxis is a necessary step in the construction of valid knowledge. The theory is developed in class and aims the intellectual abstraction; praxis, on the other hand, takes place at the moment when these ideas are put to the test in the physical world to continue with a reflective contemplation of its results.
The concept is of great importance in the context of Marxism. This current of the socio-political thought defends that praxis is a kind of practical activity that is unique to humans, which is objective and subjective at the time and which allows him to transform the nature and, therefore, to transform oneself.
For Marxists, the praxis help man to know the nature and society, while becoming aware of the historical future. It is noted that the praxis presupposes conduct, because it is the result of prior lines of other specimens of the human species.
Praxis forms therefore from the interaction of cultural, historical and social systems quite complex. Last spring, the human being becomes human from praxis.
Finally, mala praxis (Latin expression) means any malpractice (failure or error). This often happens with physicians in the practice of their profession and has serious consequences on the health and the lives of the patients.
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