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Pronunciation of latin pronuntiatĭo, is the action and the effect of a decision (articulate and make sounds to speak out; assert; declare for or against something or someone). The concept is used to designate the mode or the manner in which is expressed the words.
Examples: "it is easy to distinguish the British to the Americans by their pronunciation", "my Spanish teacher told me that I had to practice pronunciation", "what is the correct pronunciation of the name Murray? '' Murrai or Marri? ».
The same Word can be pronounced in different ways. Usually, a single pronunciation is correct, while others are deviations of language owed by various sociolinguistic factors.
As a general rule, despite the different pronunciations, interlocutors arrive at to understand each other. This is what happens in a conversation between a French and a Belgian, a Spanish and an Argentine, or an American and a Jamaican. However, if the pronunciation of some words is very different from the usual pronunciation, understanding can be committed (this is the case, for example, the emphasis of the France and Quebec).
Geographic region, social class, age and education are factors that affect the pronunciation. In common parlance, means focus mode of pronunciation: "I think that this man is not here: it has a weird accent", I've noticed that you are Italian by your accent.
The pronunciation, on the other hand, is a speech or a public declamation involving support or condemnation to a cause or a person: "the pronunciation of the Governor on the Senate scandal surprised his supporters", "don't expect from me to a pronunciation on this subject.
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