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Means psychogenetique discipline dedicated to the study of the development of the functions of the mind, from the time where elements of doubt that this development will serve to explain or provide additional information on the mechanisms of these actions in its completed state. To do this, the psychogenetique contemplates procedures and the progress of child psychology as a means to discover answers that resolve the general psychological problems.
The psychogenetique theory has emerged under the leadership of the experimental psychologist, philosopher and Swiss biologist Jean Piaget. Unlike Sigmund Freud, Piaget argues that emotions is a by-product of the cognitive. For the piagetian theory, intellectual development goes through four stages: sensorimotor period (which begins at birth and extends for two years); the pre-operational period (from the age of 2 to 6 years); the operational period concrete (from the age of 6 to 12 years) and then, finally, the formal operational period (from 12 to 16 years).
This Swiss psychologist has distinguished different moments which promote the emergence of structures successively built throughout the intellectual evolution. Thus, we will retain the period of reflexes or hereditary Assembly (where the first intuitive trends manifest themselves and arise the first emotions); the stadium first driving habits and organized primary perceptions; the stage of sensorimotor intelligence or practice (when start to develop basic affective actions that arise the first external fixations of affectivity); the stage of intuitive intelligence, spontaneous interindividual feelings and relations of submission to the adult; the period of concrete intellectual operations and feelings moral and social cooperation; and the cycle of abstract mental operations, the establishment of personality and emotional and intellectual insertion into the own world of adults.
Piaget proposed to advance the deepening of consideration of the development of knowledge of biological root, from its link with the development of humans since its origin. This epistemology of genetic profile was analysed through interviews of open character.
Considering its combination of learning and its reach into education, the psychogenesis is incorporated as one of the theories of Constructivism.
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