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The purchase is the action and the effect of buy. This verb means get something in Exchange for money. Examples: "I'll have to wait to make the purchase of the car because I have yet the money it takes", "If I were rich, I would not hesitate to make the purchase of a yacht to travel around the world", "with the purchase of this vacuum cleaner, we offer two theater tickets.
Buying necessarily implies another operation: sale. These are opposite activities: the buyer gives money to have access to the good or service in question, while the seller grants the good or service in Exchange for money. This means that those who buy gives money to the seller and this latter fact in relation to the product.
We can say that the purchase is a barter when money is the medium of Exchange. Vendor 'Exchange', so to speak, its products with the purchaser for cash. If pants is sold at a price of 60 euros, the buyer must give the seller said sum for this article.
Operations of purchase and sale occur in a market environment, a social institution through which sellers (those who offer) and buyers (those who ask) establish a business relationship to carry out the transaction.
Vendor participates in the market (physical or virtual) with its products available to potential buyers. The seller sets a selling price which is what the buyer must pay in order to make the transaction. If the buyer wishes to acquire the product and if it agrees with the price he must pay to the seller and the purchase is completed.
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