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Rebel is both a noun and an adjective that derives from the word latin rebellis and which refers to that or that which rebelled. This verb, in turn, means to revolt, to refuse to submit to something (resist) and to oppose strongly.
Examples: "a rebel group has emerged against the authorities this morning", "the rebel soldier was killed after two hours of consecutive shots", "Bart Simpson is a rebellious boy who, in famous cartoons, made feel much dislikes to the principal of the school."
Rebellion is a lack of due obedience or the mandate of the authority. An employee who fails to comply with the orders of his boss, a police officer who does not take account of his superiors, a student who violates the standards set by his teacher and a football player who chooses to not obey her coach are examples of rebel people.
The concept of rebellion is also associated with the rebellious Word. The term is related to the rejection of the authority as other notions such as revolt, rebellion or sedition.
Rebel also said of what hardly lends itself to action for which subjected: "how mastering a fringe rebel? ''
Figuratively, a rebel known as disease is one which is difficult to cure and which is resistant to medicines and drugs.
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