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Recognition means action and the effect to recognize or be recognized. The verb refers to the fact to examine something or someone closely, to record something to know its substance, confessing a situation or accept a new State of things.
Examples: "Justice will be recognition of the scene in the coming days", "the suspect has not been identified to the test of recognition", "the suitcase resulted in the recognition of the national authorities, but confiscated upon his arrival in Spain", 'recognition of the situation by the actor has generated much controversy', "president announced the recognition of Sarajevo as an independent State."
The recognition may be the action to distinguish a person or one thing among others. This recognition is obtained by analyzing the characteristics of the person or object. During recognition, we proceeded to individualization or identification.
Recognition can also be the Act or the distinction that expresses a congratulation, praise or thanks. An athlete may receive a certificate or a certificate of recognition for his good performance in an international tournament, while a singer can receive recognition on the part of the public in receiving compliments on the street, for example.
Medical recognition is an exam that is a professional to a patient to know his State of health or to diagnose a disease which he suspects.
The military reconnaissance, finally, is exploration carried out by an army to get information about the enemy to know his plans.
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