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Native language Latin, Rector is an adjective that relates to one or what governs or rules. As a noun, the term refers to a person who is in charge of the administration of a school, a University, an Academy, a hospital or a community, depending on the case.
Examples: ' Armande the Lala-Müller was appointed Rector of the Academy of Montpellier ","the professor told me to go talk with the President because I broke a window with my ball","the Rector of the hospital has requested increased support for the authorities to deal with the epidemic".
The election of the Rector of a University varies between countries. In some countries, the University community is responsible for electing him by a direct election, with free and secret suffrage. More often, vote is weighted by the percentage of representation of the various sectors (teachers, faculty and student staff).
In other countries, the Rector is chosen directly by the Board of Directors of each institution. This means that teachers, employees and students may not vote in elections, what is in the hands of few people.
The length of the post of Rector varies also according to each case. Usually, the Rector's office lasts for four years, when new elections are held.
The Rector is usually someone whose academic training is recognized as an eminence in his field. Often, however, the choice is related to motivations and political interests.
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