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The riot is the rumor and the noise caused by the presence of many people in one place. This occurs when there is a mass of people waving boiling water of being constantly in motion without ever holding quiet).
Examples: "I just can't stand the riot of this bar. Go in a more quiet place","It is difficult to focus on reading in the presence of a such riot","a furious neighbor to cause of the riot went into the House and screamed with young people who were celebrating a birthday party".
As a general rule, the notion of riot is used as a synonym of turbulence or agitation. The riot is noisy, is all the opposite of what is quiet and peaceful. A meeting with the presence of four friends commonly develops in the quiet, while a party of 70 people is likely to become a riot.
The multiplicity of persons in a same space generates a riot. Useless people shout or agitated behaviour because, together, voices and noises inevitably become a riot.
The term riot can also be used in a sense similar to the idea of entertainment. In this sense, the entertainment is associated with the massive presence of people, strong music and loud noise, among others: «tonight, I want to go make a riot, a drink and dance until the Sun», «people await the arrival of the first tourists of the season and the riot.
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