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The word risk derives from the Italian risico or rischio which, in turn, comes from the classical Arabic rizq ("which meets the providence"). The term means the proximity or contingency for possible damage.
The notion of risk can be used as a synonym of risk (or risk). The risk, however, is linked to vulnerability, while the danger is associated with the possibility of any injuries or damages. It is therefore possible to distinguish between risk (the possibility of damage) and risk (the probability of accident or pathology). In other words, the danger is a cause of the risk.
The threat is another concept related to risk. A threat is a say or a fact that anticipates / provides a damage. One thing is considered a threat where there is at least one specific incident where the threat occurred.
There are risks of any kind and that arise in different areas. Professional risk, for example, to refer to the lack of stability or security work. Biological risk, moreover, mention the possibility of contagion in the midst of an epidemic or by contact with biological materials that are potentially dangerous.
Finally, the financial risk has to do with the monetary solvency of a person, a company or a country. This concept refers to the capacity of settlement of a debt. A country with high levels of disengagement, low production, high inflation and large debts, presents a fairly high financial risk. That said, it is unlikely that this nation has access to new funding, because it would be very difficult to pay.
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