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To understand the concept of rock painting, better break down the expression in his two terms.
Painting is the material applied to a surface in thin layers to cover or to create a certain type of drawing. The word is also used to denote the art (rock art says) which is to create a graphical representation using pigments or other substances.
Rock said of what belongs and what relates to rocks. By extension, this adjective is used to designate what is primitive or rude.
Rock painting, in short, is graphics and drawings contained in the rocks or Caverns, being made in prehistoric times. As they occur in structures such as caves, the cave paintings were able to withstand the test of time and many of them can still be enjoyed today.
Rock painting is therefore one of the oldest artistic manifestations surviving to this day. According to experts, some paintings were 40,000 years of history.
The most famous cave paintings found in Spain and France, where demonstrations are found in the cave of Altamira (in Cantabria), the epitome of prehistoric art.
It is believed that the cave paintings were associated with certain rituals or magical beliefs to promote hunting. Therefore, they exhibit animals (animal themes) such as bison, mammoths and deer, as well as trademarks of hands.
The colors used in the cave paintings are usually black, red, yellow and ochre hues obtained with charcoal, minerals and various fluids.
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