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The failure is due to fail, that is, do not succeed to take action given to the end. This happens when someone abandons its obligations and stop making a any activity that she used to make. The school adjective, in turn, means what belongs or is relative to the student or the school. That said, failure at school is a concept that is used to refer to students who cease to attend school and which remain outside the education system.
And after experts from the United Nations Fund for children (UNICEF), poverty (with malnourished children or who are forced to leave school to go to work), exclusion and the low capacity of the schools to evade the restraint are the main causes of school failure.
It is worth mentioning, in addition, rural areas or those who are remote from the cities, which have constraints because of the distance. Often, children have to travel many kilometres nothing to arrive at the school, which makes it more difficult to travel to go to class on a regular basis.
In general, school failure is related to the abandonment. A student who is repeating a year at least twice on, for example, will tend to drop out of school and looking for work if it is age to do so, because his motivation, his dissatisfaction and humiliation over the other comrades. Some students fail simply because they dislike school and even less study. Others, even if they are working, feel difficulties to absorb and understand the subject matter. Then there are those whose parents do not have the means to pay for their studies and are limited to let them attend compulsory school or college in the case of the France. The boys are students who most tend to leave school early age compared to girls.
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