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A text is a coherent set of statements to communicative purpose through signs. The scientific word, in turn, means what belongs or relates to science (i.e. the set of methods and techniques for organizing information).
That said, a scientific text is based on the use of scientific language. It is a type of text that uses clear language, with a not too complex syntax and phrases ordered, the objective being that the information is not poorly interpreted: these texts should therefore be accurate.
Write a scientific text, to avoid ambiguous terms so that the meaning of the words is unique, with a single meaning and only one served. To do this, it must minimize any kind of subjectivity and rely on concrete information rather than opinions.
The aim is that the scientific text is understood by any person belonging to the target group to which it is addressed. It must aspire to universality using a specific terminology while allowing for precise and accurate translations in other languages where the erroneous interpretations have no place.
The scientific texts present statements that are subject to an important check to ensure that their information is credible and real. This kind of text is generally produced in a scientific community to communicate and demonstrate the progress achieved in research work. Through scientific disclosure magazines, these contents reach as many receivers although these publications as rather tend to use a language accessible to the average reader (general public).
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