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Psychology says that the ego is the psychic instance that enables that a subject is conscious of its own identity and recognize as 'me '. The ego acts so to speak, between desires and moral "super me" warrants the individual fails to meet its needs in social settings.
Means excessive love someone feels for herself and selfishness that leads him to answer that its interests, without interest in the well-being of others. Selfishness is the opposite of altruism.
Self-centeredness, a term used to describe the fact to focus on the ego (that is, the 'me'), is the exaltation exaggerated own personality. The egocentric made personality the centre of attention.
Psychologists insist that self-centeredness is to believe that the opinions and interests are more important than the thoughts of others. From these experts, the egocentric claims to be the only one who has value.
Psychologist experimental Switzerland Jean Piaget (1896-1980) said that all children are egocentric because their mental skills do not allow them to understand that others may have, too, criteria and different from those of other beliefs. However, other specialists attach almost no importance to his studies.
To give an example of egocentrism, we will mention one where a reporter asks questions about a match to a football player and that the latter does nothing else apart from talking about him and his performance without making reference to the participation of his colleagues or his opponents during the match.
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