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Seminar, from the latin seminarĭus, is a course or a didactic meeting where a specialist interacts with assistants work in common to disseminate knowledge or research.
The seminar is a specialized meeting, technical or academic nature, whose purpose is to make studies on a question or a problem any. In general, the seminars have a duration of at least two hours and count 50 participants.
Learning in a seminar is active, where participants must do some research and develop through mutual collaboration and information from the interaction with the specialist (a facilitator or teacher).
For example: "I registered at the entrepreneurial social responsibility seminar which will take place next week," "I am stressed: my boss asked me to organize the next training seminar for our client.
The same name is given to all the people and students a seminar or at the Group of researchers and students who work under the supervision of a professor.
Furthermore, a priestly Seminary is the establishment (school) for training and preparation of young people wishing to devote himself to the priesthood, in other words, to ecclesiastical education. The seminars are held under the supervision of a bishop.
Seminars only accept young people wishing to really and voluntarily devote themselves to the priesthood, available to celibacy (not to marry) and having received the sacraments of baptism, confession, communion and confirmation.
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