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We are here an approach to the concept of sentence in the grammatical sense. In grammar, it's the smaller syntactic constituent possible, capable of expressing a logical proposition. It is a word or set of words with syntactic autonomy, in other words, it is a unit of meaning expressing a complete grammatical sense.
In writing, the phrases are delimited by the presence of a point. It indicates the end of the sentence. Oral, the sentences are separated from each other using the breaks done and voice (tendency to lower the tone). However, the sentences are classified into two major groups, depending on the attitude of the speaking and following its syntactic structure.
Concerning the attitude of the talkies, the sentence can be either enunciative ('George arrived just five hours'), imperative ("go away here immediately! '), interrogative ("that what you said?"), dubitative ("it is not more expensive so far"), desiderative ("provided that it is not too angry") or exclamatory ("no, this is not possible!').
On the syntactic structure, the sentence can be attributive, predicative, transitive, intransitive, active, passive, reflexive, reciprocal or passive reflected.
Another leaderboard is feasible in relation to the verbal nucleus (the predicate): simple, complex or compound sentences.
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