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Setup is a term that is not part of the Larousse dictionary online. It can be translated by configuration, organization or layout.
The concept is usual in the context of computer science. The setup is a tool of operating systems and computer programs to configure many options depending on the needs of the user.
Most of the programs has a setup. Thus, the user can adjust the software to its hardware and configure everything concerning the use he wants to give the computer instrument. Computer hardware, in turn, is configured from the setup which is located in its software and is located in a CD near the physical device in question.
Setup is also used as a synonym for BIOS (Basic Input-Output System). It is the system basic of input/output, a software that recognizes the devices required to load the operating system into the ROM of the computer. The BIOS is installed in a chip on your motherboard.
We can say that the most basic configuration of the computer is located in the BIOS; for this reason, the BIOS is also called setup. This program checks the hardware, start circuits, manipulates the devices and the devices at a low level and load system startup in order to run the operating system.
Finally, the Setup price of the year is a trophy that is awarded to recognize the merit of the best pitchers of the Venezuelan League of Professional Baseball.
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