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The expedition, from the latin expeditĭo, it is action and the effect of ship (send, submit, deliver, to comply with a cause). The expedition, therefore, can be the development and publication (or licensing) of certain documents or decrees. Examples: "j. took the delay in the shipment of the certificates, but I think that everything will be resolved by Friday', 'as long as it does not confirm me the shipping of my order, I will be not quiet.
A shipment may be, on the other hand, a trip somewhere distant, usually inaccessible: "Sir Wallace Goldsmith will participate in an expedition in the Amazon to find a wild tribe on which there is little information", "troops are preparing for an expedition to an enemy territory", "two youths were injured in leading an expedition through the Peruvian jungle.
The term is also used to name all the people who make this type of excursion: "shipping will arrive at the base in half an hour", "the guide told us that the expedition was well received by the local authorities, which have an interest in research activities."
An expedition, finally, is a collective tour in a place at sporting, artistic or scientific purposes: 'forty-two athletes are part of the Argentina expedition that will participate in the Paralympic Games', 'the Parisian festival will rely on the participation of a large Uruguayan expedition.
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