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The showcase is the outdoor space of the shops and that is intended to expose the products for sale to the public. The shop windows (or expositoires) are enclosed by glass to prevent theft or to prevent products from being damaged.
Showcases are therefore used to promote sales and have the impact on the image of the establishment because they occur on its facade. Most of the time, the first contact with the store that the client is through the windows, where the importance of protect and care for this space.
The profession of vitriniste is to present the windows in an appropriate and attractive manner on the basis of the combination of exposed items, the structure and decoration materials. There are designers who are dedicated to optimize and develop the showcases.
The showcase is also considered a means of communication between the store and the regular customer or potential customer. What the store wants to express, it can make it through the windows, which are attractive and attractive.
The showcases can be fully closed (where the background does not allow to see the inside of the store), open-bottom (it is possible to see the inside of the establishment) or well parted (some parts are closed and others are exposed).
Finally, the expression 'make shopping' refers to the people who go see the windows of the stores just for fun and not necessarily to buy anything.