What is the Meaning of: Social welfare | Concept and Definition of: Social welfare

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Means well-being all the factors that a person needs to enjoy a good quality of life. These factors help him enjoy a quiet existence and a State of satisfaction.
Social well-being thus includes things that incident in a positive way on the quality of life: a worthy job, economic resources to meet needs, homeowner, access to education and health, time for leisure, etc. Although the concept of welfare is subjective (what is good for one person may not be for another), welfare is associated with objective economic factors.
For example: in a country where a typical family (four members) need 3,000 euros per month to meet its basic needs, families whose income is lower than this figure were struggling to achieve social well-being. It is therefore likely that the members of a family who wins 1500 euros per month (about half) suffer from dietary deficiencies and have fewer life prospects.
The State shall promote the welfare of all its citizens. To do this, measures and policies are needed for the specific inequalities of the capitalist market. Income distribution and development of free and free social services for all persons are necessary conditions to achieve welfare.
The possibility to spread the social welfare to all social strata implies the existence of wealth (to pay the State expenses); that said, it is also for each Government to ensure the generation of wealth.
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