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A sociogram is a technique which, through observation and contextualisation, presents below a graph the different relationships between the subjects forming part of a group. Thus, he manages to explain the influence and preferably links that exist in this set.
The sociogrammes are used to explain the structure of an organization, can whether it is large or small. In addition, it is an instrument to analyse the functioning of criminal networks, for example.
The sociogram is a sociometric technique, i.e., a technique that allows to measure the social relations between members of a human group, where people know each other, have goals in common and have influence on each other.
Graphic material, a sociogram is interpersonal relationships through points (individuals) who are bound by one or more rows (interindividual relations).
The obtained graph provides an overview of affinity relationships, detect subgroups within the main group and locate the sociometric leaders (who has more influence). That said, it is possible to act on the group to enable potential links or disable those which already exist.
The sociogram is a fairly usual instrument in the field of sociology, is the science that studies the social groups. Through such techniques, sociology analyses relationship that people have with each other and with the system, as well as the level of cohesion that exists in the social structure.
Methods of Sociology can be either qualitative (with detailed descriptions of situations, behaviours and people) or quantitative (when they load characteristics and variables that can be represented by numeric values / numbers).
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