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From the latin cantĭo, a song is what is sung, i.e., everything that produces melodious sounds. It is a composition in verse or made so that it can be set to music. In other words, it is a poem intended or not to be sung or simply a song. The song Word can also refer to the music that accompanies this composition, i.e., the air on which it sings.
The music offers the cultural industry is generally structured into songs. Be they solo singers or groups, artists compose songs and record them in several formats. These songs may be marketed using discs or digital technologies (for example, by uploading them on the Internet).
On the other hand, the songs are the main element of the concerts or recitals. Before stepping on stage, the soloist or group must choose what songs he wishes to interpret to its audience.
Formerly, more precisely in the middle ages, a song was a lyric poetry composed and sung by troubadours. A chanson de geste was a short poetic composition set to music to be sung or to be adapted.
In another sense, means song about any repeated constantly (just like a refrain) and that eventually annoy the receiver. Is somehow a synonym of refrain: "I'm tired, it is always the same song! ', 'okay, on connaît la chanson... '. »

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