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The sponsorship also said sponsorship or sponsorship (in English), is a help, support or protection. The concept can be understood from the point of view of the religion or the economy.
On the religious level, the sponsorship is the function that belongs to the Godfather and godmother (those who accompany the child at baptism and which, in the eyes of God, must provide protection in the event of death of parents).
In respect of companies, can be of a moral bond which is granted them by someone or a group. For the economy, the sponsorship is financial assistance that a company offers to an artist or an athlete. In general, in Exchange for this support, the company in question has the right to make advertising: the company pays to the protagonist so that it, in one way or another, it is advertising. Thus, a food company can sponsor (or sponsor) a team of football in him paying a certain amount of money that the players jerseys bear the logo of its brand.
Nowadays, the sponsorship is pretty common in the case of mail-order or online. In this context, sponsor is to know a brand or a product any to his friends to convince them to become clients. During their first order, the 'Godfather' is rewarded.
Furthermore, when the sponsorship is disinterested, that is, without the intention of winning anything, it is a case of patronage. An employer may sponsor an environmentalist campaign simply because it is just to help the preservation of the environment. Similarly, during elections, people can support a candidate in particular because they believe in him.
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