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The concept of style originated from the latin word stilus which, in turn, derives from the language Greek. The fear word be used in many areas; for example, it means the design, shape or aspect of something. It is also used to refer to taste, elegance, or the distinction of a person or thing ("Jean has an informal style to believe how he dresses»).
In the field of art, the style is every artistic movement (for example, the baroque style) with features that unify or distinguish an artistic work of another and one author of another.
In music, a style is the character a musician gives to his works. When a style spreads in several works and many artists, it becomes a genre.
In the world of fashion, the style is the means of expression prevailing at a time (or season) data. Thus, the concept has a link with that trend.
Linguistics encompasses a discipline known as Stylistics, which is responsible for the study of the artistic or aesthetic of language use in literary works and the common language in its individual and collective forms.
The Word style is also used in computing: style sheets cascading (of English Cascading Style Sheets or CSS) is a formal language used to define the presentation of a structured document written in HTML or XML (and by extension under XHTML).
Finally, we will mention that the Fiat Stilo (stilo wants to say 'style' in Italian) is a car produced by the Italian automobile Fiat, manufacturer in circulation since March 2015.
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