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The suffering is worth it, grief or pain felt by a person. It is a feeling, conscious or unconscious, resulting in pain, burdening or misfortune. Examples: "the situation has caused me great pain, but I much better now", "the worst thing that can happen to a human being, it is to observe the suffering of a loved one", "Thomas asked me to accompany Hugo at this time of suffering.
Face of suffering, a range of emotions or States occurs, such as frustration or anxiety. Suffering emotional (or emotional) can also be correlated with the body by thirst or even loss of consciousness.
The pain is often associated with psychological pain. It takes its origin in the reaction of the individual events rather than reality itself. In other words, the pain occurs in the spirit and not in reality since various factors come into play such as fears, desires and the needs of each individual.
If a person takes five vacation days to go to the beach and it will fall on days of rain, it is quite possible that she feels pain or frustration. This malaise is not caused by weather conditions, but by his reaction to the frustrated expectations.
Since suffering is inherent in life, humans humans should not try to avoid it, but rather to understand. In response to the suffering, it is necessary to solve the problem and seek his path to a life more full.
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