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Supervision is the action and the effect of oversee, that is, to perform inspection work done by someone else. Who oversees is in a position of hierarchical superiority insofar as that person has the ability or the ability to determine/determine if the supervised action goes well or not.
However, supervision is to monitor and control certain activities to ensure that they are carried out in the best possible way.
The supervision is particularly common in businesses, where there is the position of supervisor. In this sense, supervision is a technical and specialized activity used to make efficient use of factors of production. The supervisor is responsible for checking if workers, award-winning materials, machinery as well as the resources of the company are duly coordinated to contribute to the success of this one.
The supervisor must not only be expert, but must also be sufficiently authoritarian to lead others. Among the main features of a supervisor, we will retain knowledge (concerning materials, technology, processes, etc.) and responsibilities (including policies and business rules), and the ability to teach (training of personnel) and to direct (leader).
The supervision stands out in any kind of organization where each class meets at a higher level. If it belongs to workers in a given section reporting to the supervisor, it is the same for him. He is obliged, in turn, to present reports to the CEO, for example.
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