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The symbology (also called the symbolic) is the study of the symbols or all of these. A symbol, on the other hand, is the sensory representation of an idea that preserves a conventional and arbitrary connection with its object.
The concept of symbology is used to denote the system of symbols that identify different elements of a domain or a specific medium. In this sense, one can speak, for example, electronic symbology (with icons or graphical representations to identify each speaker element).
Electricity, chemistry and mechanics, among other areas of knowledge, have their own symbology. Who is familiar with the symbology of a specialty can be expressed through symbols and interpret diagrams or schemas using symbols rather than words.
It is possible to classify the symbology according its object of study or its domain. Masonic symbology analysis Masons symbols and reveals the messages closed in each of them. The religious symbology, also studied the symbols involved in a belief or practice of a religion.
The symbology of a country concerns all the symbols that allow to reflect the national identity. The national anthem, the flag and the emblem are examples of symbols that are part of the symbology of a country.
The esoteric symbology, finally, includes symbols of the tarot, I Ching, Kabbalah and other schools of thought and faith. One can also speak of pagan symbology, the Satanic symbology, the Romanesque symbology and other symbologies.