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Latin synonymus, the synonymous term is used to express that a term has the same meaning or one very similar sense over another. However, two words were synonymous when they mean the same thing.
Synonymy refers to any semantic relationship of identity or similarity of meaning. It is worth mentioning that the synonyms belong to the same grammatical category. It is possible to distinguish between strict synonyms and contextual thesaurus.
Strict synonyms are words that have exactly the same meaning in any context. Thus, the referred terms are interchangeable. For example: husband / spouse ("I expect my husband who must not delay to arrive from his work so that I can go shopping", ("I am my husband which should not delay to arrive from his work so that I can go shopping").
Contextual thesaurus, in turn, are the words whose meaning is equivalent in some situations: voice / tone ("you voice now why I didn't come? ', «Have you thought about bringing your math book?», «this singer has a wonderful voice!»,"Quit talking to me in that tone!").
We will also mention the synonyms which are dialectal variants, i.e., whose meaning is the same although some words are not frequent use within a given language community: car / vehicle / auto / auto.
In addition, there are synonyms which the meaning is similar but is different: drizzle / rain / flood. The intensity of these synonyms is different. Drizzle is light precipitation, rain involves a greater amount of water and the flood is a torrential rain. Phrases such as "the day of the trip, it was raining in abundance" or "the day of the trip, there was a flood" are synonyms.
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