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Test is a word of English origin adopted by the French language. This concept means the tests designed to assess the knowledge, skills, or competencies.
The word test can be used as a synonym for review. Exams are very common in the education framework because they allow to assess the knowledge acquired by students. Examinations may be oral or written, to open-ended questions (where the student respond freely) or multiple choice (must select among four or five answers, one that is fair).
In addition, a test is a test carried out on a product or device to verify its effectiveness, that is, if it works or works well.
In medicine, it is a complementary review to which the patient is subject to guide or to confirm the diagnosis of his illness.
In addition, psychological tests are tests which prove useful insofar as they allow to evaluate or measure the psychological characteristics of a given individual. The answers given by a person are compared through statistical or qualitative methods with the answers other people having the same test, allowing you to enjoy a ranking (success or failure).
The branch of Psychology devoted to assess personality traits and mental abilities is psychometrics.
Finally, we will retain that genetic testing is a biochemical process that analyzes DNA, RNA, chromosomes, proteins, and metabolites a person to detect genotypes, mutations, phenotypes, or karyotypes related to hereditary diseases. Thus, it is possible to determine the susceptibility of the individual to develop this kind of pathology.
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