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The theme is just what belongs or relates to a theme. It's something that one made or organized based on a given topic. For example: "I like books of this theme, full of suspense and intrigue", "Marie has decorated his studio by following a maritime theme with paintings of boats and fish ornaments", "sex is the most common theme in his conversations."
In grammar, the theme of an element changes, for bending, the root of a Word.
For philately, the theme is associated with a series, broadcast or a collection of stamps. In each topic, a single theme or motif is used: "the theme of this show are Olympic sports", "Jean comes just to buy a collection of animals where the animals are the main theme".
A theme park, on the other hand, is a term which can refer to all of the attractions organized around a same frame. We can say that a theme park is an amusement and recreation park unless it is specialized in a single theme.
In France, more precisely at 30 kilometres north of Paris, Parc Asterix is one of the largest theme parks in the country. Equally important, we will retain the Puy du Fou (Vendée), declined under the sign of the history. Apart from the historical theme activities, with a forest of more than 50 hectares, this park impresses with the variety of fauna and flora.
Famous Real Madrid football club plans to open a theme park in the United Arab Emirates, in January 2015, under the name of "Real Madrid Resort Island. Devoted to football in three dimensions, it will coaster, training grounds, a luxury hotel and villas beachfront.
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