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Transmitter (latin emissor) is both an adjective and a noun designating this or that emits. The verb issue, in turn, means express an opinion, a wish or a proposal, manufacture and put into circulation banknotes, values of scholarship or obligations, and produce/launch of the airwaves to be able to listen to the news (on the radio, for example), music or signals.
In the field of communication, the transmitter is the person who sets out a message in a communicative act. In other words, the transmitter sends / forwards the message to the receiver, which is able to treat it and interpret it. Communication takes place from the moment where also although the transmitter the receiver share the same code (a language in common, sign language, etc.).
Communication in everyday life shows how all those alternate the roles of transmitter and receiver. Here is an example: a man meets a neighbor on the street and asked him: ' how are you? '' At that moment, the man is the transmitter and its neighbor, the receiver. When the neighbor responds ("I am fine, thanks"), he then became the transmitter of the communicative act while the other person plays the role of the receiver.
On the other hand, a transmitter is also a device or installation that codifies a message and sends it from a given receptor channel. In this sense, a radio antenna can be issuing and transmit a message by electromagnetic waves.
In the financial framework, a transmitter is an institution, a company, or an organization that issues stock exchange values (bonds or loans, for example).
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