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UNICEF is the short form (the acronym) of United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (Fund of Nations for childhood, in french). This Fund was created in 1946 to help children Europeans following the second world war. However, seven years later, it became a body standing within the United Nations system. Its name (UNICEF), on the other hand, remains the same, people all over the world.
This organization is dedicated to the needs of children through programmes in order to provide food, access to education and health care anywhere in the world. Its activity has been recognized with the Nobel Prize in peace in 1965 and with price Prince of Asturias in 2006, among other distinctions.
UNICEF will ensure compliance with the Declaration of the rights of the child, proclaimed by the United Nations in 1924. This statement defends that the child has the right to dispose of the "necessary means" to its 'normal material and spiritual development.
The Convention of the rights of the child, an international treaty of the United Nations, also relies on the support of UNICEF. This Treaty includes 54 articles on the law of the miners of twenty years to be protected, to develop and to participate actively in society.
UNICEF also relies on the assistance of the ambassadors of good will who are personalities/celebrities who help to disseminate campaigns and programs of the Agency. David Beckham, Jackie Chan, Mia Farrow, Roger Federer, Susan Sarandon, Ricky Martin and Shakira are some of them at the global level.
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