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A value is a quality that wean people, things, events or situations. The term is used to designate the moral characteristics that are inherent in a subject (piety, responsibility, secularism, respect, etc.).
Universal, however, is an adjective that is related to what belongs or which relates to the universe. The concept refers to the set of all things created and what is common to all its kind.
These definitions enable us to approach the notion of universal value. Universal values are formed by implied behavioural standards that are necessary to live in a harmonious and peaceful society.
It is a notion which is not obvious to define, because a value is associated with morality and ethics, which is difficult to transpose, or refer to the level of the group. In other words, all people have certain values that come from their interior and guide their actions. Because humans do not think all the same way, values can vary from one person to the next. Universal values, however, have the particularity to be socially shared.
In addition to cultural differences, we can say that the goodness, solidarity, volunteerism and honesty are virtues you want in any country or region. So, these are universal values.
Universal values are acquired with family education and school, because the process of socialization involves that new generations internalize timeless concepts.

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